Hello, I have detected that you are the Baidu Web Crawler.

Ban recipient: The Baidu Web Crawler

Ban reason: Spamming; not abiding by robots.txt

Due to your recent spamming activity on my domain, I have blocked your spider from my website.

I do not appreciate your tactless behavior on my website, especially your complete disregard for my robots.txt file.


...is NOT COOL

Also, 'grep -v Baidu' comes up with 928. That's all the lines that don't match "Baidu". That means you're accounting for 0.4137931... = 41.4% of all traffic on my site.

So, screw you. I will treat this as a DDoS. And as such...

You are banned! B-A-N-N-E-D. Banned For All Of Eternity R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.

This ban will not be lifted. Ever. Until the day comes that you fix your malicious web crawler and personally send an apology letter to my email, which will (probably) never happen.

P.S. The only reason my access is at 220 is because, as the developer of this site, I have to refresh pages a lot for testing purposes. Plus, I'm probably not the only user of this site that runs 64-bit Ubuntu.

If you are a human and have recieved this in error, please email me at <oenqragorfg@tznvy.pbz>

For security purposes, I have encrypted my email address. To decrypt it, use this ROT13 cipher:

My apologies if I inconvenienced you.